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  • Apr 20 2014
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Hi, I am Tim Parks (comicphile1952 on E-bay and the owner/manager of Comic Book Heaven 1 here in the Highwire franchise, on Facebook, Bonanza, E-bay and Google and I hope to hear lots from online comic buyers with helpful suggestions for increasing my exposure and selling more comics through this site, so I can get away from the online sales tyrant E-Bay (or Fee-Bay as many have nicknamed it). I have over 160,000 comics in stock and I really hope I can make you a satisfied buyer in my store, if you choose to come and browse through all my listed items or contact me by phone or e-mail to send me your requests for comics I may not currently have listed. I only have about 25% of my stock listed so far and have much, much, more stuff to sell and welcome your want lists. If you want to contact me directly, feel free to call me at 765-278-0270 7 days a week at almost anytime 12:00 noon to 4:00AM EST is the best times to catch me, but my hours vary and I'll usually take your calls in the US anytime. International buyers are urged to e-mail me at anytime. I do offer cheap comics (like new) in bulk quantities of 90, 100, 300 and 350 comic lots at probably the cheapest deals online anywhere for good quality comics. I have some silver age, lots of bronze and copper age, and literally tons of modern age comics through DC New 52 and Marvel Now titles to offer. I also carry loads of comic and sci-fi/fantasy art trading cards from the 1990s and a handful of 1990s action figure, too. Come into my store and check it out and/or contact me with any questions you might have for me. Thanks. loads for stopping by. I hope to be of assistance. Tim Parks